Corn Nuts Crunchy Corn Kernels Variety Pack (1.7 oz. Pouches, 24 ct.)

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Corn Nuts variety pack includes:
  • 10 Original
  • 6 Ranch
  • 4 BBQ
  • 4 Chile Picante con Limon
  • Comes in a convenient display box suitable for retail
  • Corn snacks set comes in a 24-pack of 1.7 oz pouches

Enjoy the authentic taste of crunchy corn kernels for a flavorful snack with the Corn Nuts Crunchy Corn Kernels Variety Pack. It offers the crunchy enjoyment of a corn treat in several different flavors and can be enjoyed on various occasions. Corn nuts are a healthy snacking choice made from simple ingredients. This corn snacks set comes in a 24-pack of 1.7 oz pouches.

Which Varieties Are Included in the Corn Nuts Crunchy Corn Kernels Variety Pack?
The Corn Nuts variety pack contains four different flavors. 10 packs are of the original flavor that gives the authentic taste of corn nuts and is made from real corn flavor and kernels. Six of the nut snack packs are of the Ranch variety, which is considered the boldest of the pack, combining the straightforward flavor of corn snacks with a zesty twist. The Corn Nuts bulk pack also comes with four BBQ flavor packs that contain the sweet and smoky flavor of a grilled mix of corn topped with BBQ grill spices. The remaining four nut snack packs have a Chile Picante flavor, which is a mix of the classic taste with a spicy twist. It's topped up with a citrusy zest to add a tangy taste to the Corn Nuts variety pack.

What's the Best Way to Enjoy the Corn Nuts Crunchy Corn Kernels Variety Pack?
These corn snacks are available in a convenient display box that's suitable for convenience and grocery store use as well as keeping stocked at home. Each individual pack is small enough to fit in most bags, lunch boxes, purses and backpacks, so you can enjoy a crunchy, flavorful treat just about anywhere. Stock the break room at work with Corn Nuts or pack a couple of flavors with your children's lunch so they can share them with friends at school. You can also put out a bowlful for guests when hosting a party at home.

About Corn Nuts
This snack was introduced in 1936 and the Corn Nuts brand started in 1964. Today, it's a part of Kraft Foods and is offered in various flavors. Corn Nuts products are a favorite of young and old across the country.